The majority of groups have policies against advertising, so if you do the post will be deleted and you could be banned from the group. Facebook has many groups that you can join. Once you have tested each of the URL’s at Quantcast you should now have a very good idea of the age range and gender that your product or service will be more specific to. Whether you are selling a product or service or promoting a network marketing or affiliate program, Facebook has the largest audience of active users and buyers. You take your information and then enter it in to the demographic section of the Facebook ad you are creating

It makes no sense to re-direct to a completely different product or service. A fan page is basically like a second personal page. If you are focused on a product like MonaVie or Starscapes then join in groups dealing with health and wellness or room decor. A page is the place to host all of the important information about your business

This is great for encouraging visitors to become fans on Facebook. Because each business is different, it is important to really wrap your mind around the particular needs of your business. You can create your profile here but after signing up. For example, a business selling cold cream aspiring to make its name in the market will perhaps want to go for the female segment while another promoting / selling website design and related services will pursue a general cluster or yet another promoting chicken will target the non-vegetarian crowds! And what better site than Facebook, to have over 500 million individuals to target, and nearly everyone of them already divided into groups, classes and sectors! Nowadays many establishments are assisting various business groups with effective marketing on Facebook, getting hold of Facebook fans and Facebook itself also has its own marketing and advertising division

Next is to create a Facebook page for your business. One of the most intriguing statistics is that on an average, users spend around 700 billion minutes on Facebook every month! The popularity of Facebook has made it the most prominent social networking site in the world. Are you ready for a unique challenge that will push your skills to the max? Here is the challenge, create a sustainable Facebook page that grows every month and has a minimum of 100 active participants a month. However, you cannot buy followers, likes, shares and have a minimum of 1000 people following Facebook within six months

As a business owner, setting up a fan page on Facebook and getting the most out of it will allow you to keep up with shifting business trends and stay ahead of your competition. When you learn to do things correctly, you can cause your brand to go VIRAL among your target audience, no matter who they are. You can post everything about your business while injecting your personal voice into your page’s profile

On your profile page, you can provide links to your websites, Squidoo pages, or articles that you have written. There are millions of members on Facebook and social ads allow you to target your ads to very specific audience based on demographics and geographic areas. If you are thinking of ways to increase the traffic to your website, you cannot leave Facebook marketing out of the picture. By targeting your ads based on what people have written on their profiles, you can expect a better ROI from your social ads campaign. At this point, you should have a few potential leads as part of your friend network on Facebook

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