Need some help deciding which sports
bra to get ? No, problem we have you covered!

There are a couple of things to
consider when buying a ladies sports bra . These include the more important
aspects such as the level of support needed i.e. high, low or medium
impact/support as well as what you will be doing in the sports bra. If you are
using it during weight-lifting, cross fit or running you will more than likely
need a different level of support than if you were doing gym, yoga or pilates.

The other considerations you may have
could include whether or not it matches the rest of your outfit or if it comes
with crossover straps or possibly even if it is padded or not. Having said
that, our number one rule is that the comfort that your sports bra provides
overrides all other considerations. If you are doing a medium to high intensity
workout, the last need thing you need to be worrying about is an embarrassing

The in-house fashion design team at Ryderwear has
provided 3 categories for their sports bras to help in choosing the right one
for you. No matter what type of training you are doing, there will be something
for you. Don’t forget to check out the size guide available on our website too!

Option 1 – Ryderwear Base Level Support
Bras (Low Impact)

This option provides a comfortable
essential which is perfect for every day wear and low impact activities. We
recommend the base level or low impact sports bras for activities such as
walking, hiking, recovery or stretch sessions and studio classes like yoga or
pilates. Common features of these low level sports bras often include:

Seamless fabric

Low neck line

Narrow straps, and

Removable padding (always!)

Option 2 – Ryderwear High Level Support
Bras (Medium Impact)

Next up is what Ryderwear likes to call
their High Level or Medium Impact sports bras. These are designed to offer a
more compressive fit as well as additional support for mid intensity workouts.

Suitable activities for this band of
sports bra includes: resistance training, weight training and cycling. For
anyone looking for a happy medium, this is surely the sports bra for you!

Common features of these high level
(medium support) sports bras often include:

Seamless fabric

Adjustable straps

Crossover back or racer back styles

Wide waistband/longline

Wider straps, and

Removable padding (always!)

Are you queen of the weights and
resistance training? Then you’ll be needing one (or all) of these: 

Option 3 – Ryderwear Next Level Support
Bras (High Impact)

The final option is the Next Level
Support sports bra. These are Ryderwear’s toughest, highest impact supportive
sports bras that offer the utmost compression. This band of high impact sports
bra is ideal for activities such as cardio, high intensity training, jogging,
running and boxing.

Common features of these next level
(maximum support) sports bras often include:

Adjustable straps

Crossover back or racer back styles

Wide waistband/longline

Wide elastic straps, and

Removable padding

Sports Bras South Africa

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