1. 100% COTTON MULTI PURPOSE BANDANAS 12 PACK in assorted colors and prints are perfect for use as bandanas for women, bandana mask, face scarf mask for men, head bandana for women, face mask scarf, bandana headband for women, bandanas for face mask for protection, face coverings, hair Bandanas For Men, head bandana men, mask bandana, hair covering, hair band, headband men, handkerchief bandana, or neck scarf. These cotton bandanas are what everyone needs to use now.
 2. VERSATILE AND FUNCTIONAL. Use them as a handkerchief, scarf set, bandana hair scarf, cotton headband, these colorful bandanas, as a bandana variety pack are a great value and let you choose the color you desire for the day. Even use the cute bandanas on your pet dogs and pets.
3. WASHABLE AND RE-USABLE OVER AND OVER AGAIN. The bandans when new may be a little stiff, but when washed once will soften. The bandana packs, bandana set of 12 pieces make it convenient to wash some while using the others.
4. MAKES A GREAT GIFT. The 12 pack bandanas pack make a great gift for all, as a gifts for women, gifts for men, christmas gifts, party favors, stocking stuffer, birthday gifts, outdoor gifts, last minute gifts, gifts for girls, gifts for boys, party gifts and more.

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