“How to Get Paid $500 to $1,000 Per Month to Build Simple Set & Forget Facebook Campaigns, Without Any Ongoing Fulfillment”

Plus We’ll Email You a Complimentary Copy of Our Birthday Marketing Cheatsheet

and Sample Ad Campaign for FREE When You Register Today.


Discover how we’re leveraging software + Facebook to build simple simple evergreen campaigns that businesses happily pay for.

We will reveal 3 little-known secrets in this workshop:


– SECRET #1: How to make money by providing a simple set and forget service that you set up one time and never have to touch. It works 24/7, and cranks out passive income. *A secret Facebook method NOBODY is doing.

– SECRET #2: How and where to find an abundance of businesses willing to give you money, & why they’ll continue to pay you $500-$1000/m per campaign like clockwork. (how many do you want to build?)

– SECRET #3: How to use software to automate the entire process without any ongoing fulfillment , or ever needing to touch it. It just runs, and you get paid month after month.

The method you’re going to learn is what we’ve found to be the easiest, fastest, most profitable business model we’ve found to create passive income fast.

Simple Set & Forget Facebook Campaigns

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