How to Verify YouTube ranking

How to Verify video YouTube Ranking, 
Well step one is what is your video about. 
Open you browser and in private or incognito mode go to 
When you created and uploaded the video Type in what you tagged your video keywords. Yes when you uploaded your video to youtube you have an option to choose keywords and a description. 
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Let us now go into How To Make An Effective Short Video Clip To Market Your Business Online
There are millions of short video clips on the web, either produced by professionals or amateurs for sharing through various video sharing sites such as YouTube and Google video. 
The amateurs publish their video clips for fun and entertainment. Whereas, the professionals produce and publish them in order to drive traffic to their web sites and sell more of their products or services. Internet marketing through video publishing is in booming trend recent years and it has become on of the online marketing vehicle to drive traffic to websites.
Besides the article marketing, video marketing is another online marketing technique that can drive tons of traffic at low cost. 
In fact, many of video sharing sites allow you to publish your video clips for free. 
Hence, you should not ignore this effective marketing technique, instead you should learn how to take advantage of this video opportunity for the sake of your own marketing objectives and goals to drive internet traffic to your website. Here are some notes on how to use short video clips to promote your business online:
1. Video clips should be short and focus
Internet is full of information and most internet users have not enough time to scan and read all, they will selectively choose the one that most likely is what they are looking for and visit the website. 
Hence your video clip should be short, about 3 to 15 minutes and straight to the points to keep interest.
2. An Attractive Visual Scheme
Colour scheme, background, motion graphic and font are important elements that can crease sense of both continuity and corporate identity. You video clip should project an image of your company, products or services.
3. Soundtrack is everything
Effective video clip that draw attention combines vision and sound effects for a perfect synergy. Add in sound with narrators that stress on keywords and graphics to delivery your marketing message to your visitors. A good control of narrators with slogans and buzzwords will help to increase the emotional feel on your visitors and keep your visitors interest to your products/services.
4. Ensure Your Video Clips Are Internet Friendly
If your video clip takes long time to load, you probably will lose the interest of your visitors. Most video files are in AVI format which normally have larger file size and will take long time to load. Hence, you should convert it to a format that has small in file size and a short long time; the common internet friendly format is mp4 format.
5. Get Your Video Clips Distributed On Internet
If you website is new or have low PR, most probably internet surfers won’t find your website from the search engines. If you just publish your video clip at your own website, it will not drive any internet traffic to you. The more people watch your video clips, the more traffic will be flow in to you website. Hence, get your video clips distributed across the internet by submitting them to as many video sharing sites as possible. Publishers, blogs and other websites may download your video clips and republish them to websites; you will get more exposure and redirect more internet traffic to your website.
In Summary
Video marketing is one the popular internet marketing tools that delivery tremendous result. You should get started to learn how to take advantage of this video opportunity for the sake of your own marketing objectives and goals to drive internet traffic to your website.

how to verify youtube ranking

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