Ranking Videos on YouTube Part 3 – Checking Results

Congratulations, you’ve made it this far. Now we can go and check our work, see how well or not that we’ve done. 

And then we’ll wrap up with a few extra little tips that will help you going forward. 

Let’s get to it. 

So now we’ve left it a few minutes and we’ll just have a look when signed out of YouTube using an incognito window.

I’ve just put in Tufts University Review there.

We’ll see where we are.

Number three!

We’re in third position on YouTube. So that’s pretty cool.

We can have a look on Google.

It’s on the top of page two. Okay, which is not bad for the Google Video search, it won’t be on Google itself, because there are no videos on that page. And that’s not likely to change. 

If they’re not ranking any of the other videos, you’re not likely to rank on the first page. 

However, when we’ve put more videos on the channel, we link them all together. This will give these all your videos a boost.

So that’s how you rank videos on YouTube in just a few minutes. That wraps it up guys. 

I hope that’s really helped you with your ranking your videos on YouTube and Google.

Remember, take the extra time, go the extra mile, put in all those good video SEO techniques, and then you won’t have very many problems in ranking your videos on YouTube and Google. 

All that remains now is for you to take action on this. 


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