6 Quick Tips On Purchasing A Used Crawler Dozer

Are you
ready to purchase a used crawler dozer? Well, BTM Machinery has a few things
for you to think about while you are making this important decision.




Your most important
decision is whether to buy a new or used machine. If you choose to get a
used bulldozer, make sure to examine the
condition of the undercarriage,
 the attachments and the hydraulics.




Be sure the undercarriage
is correct for the environment that the machine will be working in.  There are two basic types of undercarriage: standard
and heavy duty.  A standard is used for
basic construction and landscaping work. A heavy duty undercarriage is used in
rough terrains.  Replacing an
undercarriage that does not meet your needs or is in poor condition will cost
thousands of dollars.




Observe the machine while
it is working.  Make sure the attachments
and hydraulics are working properly.   Put the machine through its paces, moving it
in all directions and in circles. Move the blade and make sure the ripper works
if it has one.  Make sure all the
controls are operable.




Check that parts are
available. Find multiple sources for the important parts on the machine and get
the part numbers for the main pump, hydraulic cylinders and final drives. Be
sure that the attachments are not outdated and that unauthorized modifications
have not been made.




Always check the hours on
the meter.  Even though a machine has 8,000
hours it can still be a workhorse; however, make certain to inspect the engine
and the undercarriage to be sure they are not overly worn.  If possible find out about the machine’s work and
maintenance history.


Compare prices on the internet
to see what a comparable model with similar hours and age is selling for.  Most importantly, buy from an experienced
dealer like BTM Machinery. BTM has been selling heavy construction equipment
around the world for 20 years for a variety of industries.  For more information about buying used
dozers, call Blake Thornton at 843-364-7109 to find the machine that is right
for your job.


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