Social Distancing Seat Covers For Arenas Safe Reopening

Arenas, conventions, concerts, and sporting events are all expected to gradually resume in the coming months, which means more crowds and the unfortunate risk of COVID-19 exposure. Social distancing is an easy way to mitigate the risk of spreading germs. But it may be challenging to enforce in seated events. Seating Master USA seeks to encourage social distancing using specialized seat covers that can be used to make whole rows unavailable, or individual seats.  With two elastic bands on each side, these covers fit quickly and easily on any type of seat, chair and bleacher. This will allow guests to enjoy events safely, within an appropriate distance from each other. As you start making reopening guidelines for your venue, seat covers present a practical and efficient way to gently enforce social distancing rules and keep your audience safe.

Seating Master USA is a leader in custom design telescopic seating. We know that venues and seating designs come in all shapes and sizes. So, if your venue needs a unique fit, let us know and we are happy to make customized designs upon request. Let us help you reopen safely.

covid-19 chair covers

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