Sneak Peek how to get Chickens to Lay Eggs in Winter

The winter is coming…

Egg production is grinding to a halt.

So how to get chickens to lay eggs in winter?

Let’s talk about it.

So you don’t have to go running to the store to buy a lot of store-bought eggs ok.

So your hens have stopped laying completely …

Don’t PANIC!

Why do Chickens stop Laying Eggs in Winter?

It is actually the short days that are affecting your hens egg production and not the cold weather.

Hens actually stop their egg production because there are food
shortages, now this can go back to the day dot when their natural
instincts come in.

It is telling the hens that they have to conserve their energy to stay warm when there is not much food for them to eat.

And also less daylight hours for them to go out and eat.

As chickens know, going out in the dark is not the time for any
chicken to be out, there are just too many preditors out there roaming

That’s why, when wild, they have always gone to roost in the trees to keep safe.

Away from the ground where preditors are roaming on the hunt.

Whereas during the spring and summer time you get more light than dark times.


It’s all about where the earth is at that time, how close we are to the sun and all that.

But I won’t go into all that as this site is for chickens!

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