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What You Need To Know When Hiring A New IT Consulting Company

Imagine this. You’ve been grounded a state of uncertainty when it comes to IT. During the evening and on weekends, a tech savvy friend helps you with your technological solutions. Or maybe you have your office manager does whatever he can to keep your technology working.

After some time, you finally realize that you require an IT consulting company to help diagnose issues and fix major problems. However, that IT provider has other accounts to deal with and not always there to help you whenever you have a request. You and your staff end up idle while the downtime negatively impacts your revenue and productivity.

You need to find a new IT partner. But how can you protect your company from the chaos and make sure that the change will run smoothly? How will you know if the new provider is going to keep your units running and your staff productive while the switch is taking place? Perhaps it is much better to just stick with your current lacklustre IT provider you know rather than risk all that you have now for a new company.

Over time, proactive IT services will cost a lot less than break/fix or reactive services. SpartanTec Inc. understands that having a new IT provider could be a stressful process. It’s not as easy as changing your accountant. Your new IT company must bring about the same level of trust.

What Your New IT Consulting Firm Should Do?

Determine the high risk parts that need immediate attention. In case you backup drive has been working for several years but only creating backups for local directories, not all of the data, this crucial need have to addressed first to guarantee business continuity as well as stability of all systems. 

Offer Proactive Monitory Of Your Systems 24/7

Does your new IT consulting in Myrtle Beach specialize in a mix of preventative and proactive maintenance as well as 24/7 monitoring? Do they have access to a Network Operations Center that uses the knowledge and expertise of more than 200 technicians? In case you have an emergency, such resources must be available to fix any issue in a timely manner.

Implement Services That Suit Your Needs and Budget

Proactive IT consulting companies offer long term value compared to break/fix or reactive services. However, that does not mean that you do not have any budgetary constraints. Your IT provider should be able to understand them and determine the right course of action.

Create Long Term Plans Of Action For Software, Hardware, and Support Upgrades

No IT firm should suggest services your company does not need. They must, on the other hand, work closely with you to determine areas where upgrades and managed IT services are necessary so that your business runs smoothly.


This should flow from every point mentioned earlier. An IT consulting firm must serve as your trusted advisor that understands your business goals, listens to your concerns, asks you questions about your technology needs, and concentrates on ways to improve your company’s profitability and productivity. When you make a decision to upgrade your existing IT situation, your new IT provider must also work closely with your previous IT team to get all the needed information and make your IT transition as soon as possible.

Call SpartanTec Inc. if you are looking for a reliable, trustworthy, and experienced IT consulting company that can help make sure that your technology works the way it should.

SpartanTec Inc
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577


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