he Chariot Tarot Card Its Meaning The Chariot Meaning – Major Arcana Tarot Card Meanings

What what is The Chariot Tarot card meaning? It’s always a fantastic Tarot card to look at in any situation. It is an “stay focused and keep going” signal. In other words, thunder on. You’re an athlete in the arena, and you should stop trying to act like you’re not. One of its old style meanings was “speedy movement in lavish environments.” You’re the one making it all happen. The Chariot has connections to Thor, Mars, Freya (the Norse Venus, she has the appearance of a chariot made by black cats, thus their connection with magic!) as well as The Sun God Apollo. The Charioteer does not move by chance the person is aligning with the stars, has learned of defeats past and is exhibiting extreme strength of will synced with the intuition. It is connected with it being a Zodiac sign (and principles of the Cancer/Kataka) which is why you see that it appears as the Crab on the knight’s helmet found within the Thoth deck.  It is believed that the Chariot card in Tarot is not an intuitive card to understand. It could be a signifying a successful, hard-fought victory. The card typically depicts the chariot and an armored warrior, moon or sun symbols and the encircled rod of the shield with wings, black and white Sphinxes (or horses or lions) and sometimes in a state of rest. Some decks include an eagle-like canopy and occasionally a throne in the chariot. When the Chariot card is in a straight position in a Tarot interpretation, it is a symbol for perseverance, a trip, a rushed decision or adversity and revenge. The Chariot card significance in a Tarot read is fusion of the opposites. It implies a new motivation to get an unproductive situation moving. It is a signification that victory is on the way and that you’re completely in charge of seeing it happen. You’ve been given this.  chariot tarot card Meaning – You’ve got some hard work In Your Hands. It could be resolved quickly However, The Chariot is A Powerful Card, And the task you are tackling Is Likely To Be A lengthy and challenging one. It could be a rough Roads, Long Uphill Slopes and dead Ends, And Painful Setbacks. Of course, a successful result is only guaranteed if The Card is In order but Don’t Be discouraged: This difficult Road can give you the Strength Of Purpose, The Ability To Overcome By Organization and perseverance, As Well As The trust only possessed by those who have achieved what they Thought They Could Not Do. If properly harnessed, few forces Can Stand Against An Individual like that.  The Chariot Tarot Card Meanings in the Wild Unknown – A horse looks out from the card and her mane is blowing freely in the wind. She faces us head on with confidence, and appears to deal with anything – problems, joy and conflicts – straight. She isn’t afraid to face the world! She shows up wholeheartedly and fully for everything things life offers and believes in her capacity to take charge in every situation. The Chariot illustrates the importance of mastering how you present yourself to the world. The Chariot card is sometimes associated with ego, and while the word “ego” has a bad reputation but the reality is that having an ego that is healthy is essential. Being aware of what we’re about as individuals is vital in our ability to remain authentic, set goals, and to live our lives the best way for us. This is an card of independence, of your ability to choose how to show up in your life. The card is black and white, with the exception of those red corner corners. Red here appears bolder than other watered down colors that we have seen on earlier cards. The use of color in this card is more dominant. Red is a color that conveys confidence and assurance. Four is a symbol of stability. Furthermore, the placement of the color on the four corners shows the self-control of the Chariot.

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