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Stop Procrastination

Procrastination is something that affects most everybody. It can simply be defined as avoiding doing something in favor of something easier. Given a choice of doing something easier, less stressful or fun most will always opt for the easiest choice. For example, would I rather work on doing my taxes or watching a movie? When you are able to understand why you are avoiding completing a task and that doing it now will be so much easier procrastination will always win. So if you are able to see the signs of procrastination early and take action to tackle it head on you will be so much further ahead of most. Write down what you need to complete daily. Get into the habit of writing a to do list and checking off those item that you have completed on your list. Start doing this and it will become a welcomed habit for you. If you are working on something big, break into smaller manageable pieces. Do something each day to chip away at all the tasks and it becomes easier. If you try to tackle everything all at once it will just lead to more procrastination. If you can work on doing something daily as opposed to only certain days then do it daily. It’s always hard to put off things that you do on a daily basis and you might feel guilty if you don’t do it daily. Similar to what you might feel like if you don’t brush your teeth or take a shower daily. Use incentives to overcome procrastination. Reward yourself when you complete certain tasks. If you complete a bigger task give yourself a bigger reward. If you like pizza reward yourself with your favorite slice. If it’s playing with your dog just get it done and you will get into the habit of finishing something as reward. Do the hardest part first. If you are working on a difficult project always start with the most difficult part first. If you put your initial energy on the hard part then everything else becomes easier and less time will be needed. You will also feel inspired to finish since you already finished the most difficult part already. Set a deadline for yourself on when you want to finish. If you don’t finish by your deadline give yourself a punishment to associate a penalty for procrastination. It could be not having your favorite dessert for a week or doing spring cleaning now. Minimize distraction or completely eliminate it. Whatever you are trying to do make sure there isn’t anything that will take your attention off what you are trying to accomplish. For instance, if you are trying to study for a final exam make sure you are not watching television or going out to dance. The more you focus the faster you complete your task. If you hit a wall and can’t do anymore just take a break. Take care of yourself by getting more sleep, exercise, eating healthier, and destress with meditation, yoga, or going for a walk. Sometime you might feel burnout so just take a step back and revitalize yourself to take it on with a fresher perspective. Finally, being able to complete a task is a great reward for you. Think how you will feel finishing something that was a challenge. It will make your next task even easier now! For expert help in ending procrastination and achieving your goals now go to GetMaximumPerformance.com.


The Most Undercover Way to Stop (and Reverse) the Aging Process in 3 (Easy) Steps!

Every day, with every thought and every moment, we’re getting closer to the grave, right? NO WAY! In fact, what a horrible way to think! If that’s your thought process then keep reading because this is going to blow your mind. 

Here’s the premise: Your body, down to the very last cell, is “listening” to your thoughts. 

Take a moment to let that sink in. Your body, down to the very last cell, is “listening” to your thoughts. As a thought experiment (literally) write down all of the things you can remember thinking today before you sat down to read this article. As many things as you can remember without any judgment. I’m not going to see this so don’t worry about what you write down. 

Now, put a star or a circle around every “positive” thought you had. Things like, “I look good today” or “Yea, I AM a rockstar” or, even, “I love my (insert person)”. 

Using a dash or a frowny face, identify all of the “negative” thoughts on the list. These might read like, “Ugh, I’m so fat” or  “People suck” or “They are such a  pain in the butt!”

These are all just innocent little thoughts, right? Floating around in your head? Wrong. 

They aren’t “innocent”. Our bodies are monuments to our thinking. If you don’t believe that, consider for a moment, any elite athlete you’ve ever seen. The Olympics have just wrapped up at the time of writing and I have to ask myself, “What are these people thinking?” but I mean that in a different way than you might think. I actually want to know, “What ARE they thinking? What is it they are telling their bodies?”

Ever noticed when you’ve gone for a long walk or run and, when you’re struggling to take those last few steps, there is a little voice in your head that says either something like, “I just can’t do it, Captain…I don’t have the power!” or “You got this! Just a little bit further!”. Ever noticed how, even if you don’t feel like you can go on, if you hear that second voice, somehow you eke out that ONE last step to finish strong. 

Your body was listening. And, just like a good employee, it was following your orders. 

So, let’s back-track. When you tell yourself, “Ugh, I’m so fat”, what orders is your body obliged to perform on your behalf? If you say, “I’m SO tired” what options are you leaving your body? Or, and here’s a big one, “I’m getting so old”. Yikes! 

Whether or not one can visualize it being true or not, our cells are intelligent and they’re listening to everything we say to ourselves. They aren’t creative enough on their own to come up with half of the things we experience from health to disease. They are taking our lead.

That’s a hard pill to swallow, I know. It’s even more challenging because of course, that means in order to change, we must take up the call to monitor our own thoughts. Before I continue, I promised you 3 steps.

1) Become aware of the thoughts you’re thinking on a regular basis

I highly recommend keeping a pad of paper near your dominant hand, especially during work. Whenever a thought crosses your mind, notice it and write it down. Don’t give it any more thought…just write it down and move on with your day.

2) Review and revise your thoughts daily

When the end of the day has arrived, take a look at your notepad. Notice, like we did before, the quality of your thoughts, “negative” or “positive”. Be grateful for the positive thoughts and reinforce them…notice how good they made you feel to think them and for whatever was happening for you when you thought them. 

For the “negative” thoughts, ask yourself whether they are in alignment with who you really are or who you want to be. Here’s a helpful hint: Telling yourself you’re fat doesn’t put you in alignment with a thinner/fitter version of yourself. It in fact puts you further away from that ideal. The next step will help though. 

3) Get rhetorical by asking “How did I…..?” and “How do I…?”

Some people might tell you to chant a mantra”I’m so fit, “I’m so fit, I’m so fit”  a million times. But, and this might come as a shock, there’s a bit of a problem with that approach. You see, the conscious mind has, let’s call it a gate through which ideas, concepts, and other such external input must pass. At this gate is a gatekeeper. All day long, it’s this gatekeeper’s job to say “Yea” or “Nay” to whatever is coming through the gate.

Don’t knock it, this is a highly sophisticated security system. “I’m so fit” when all of the evidence points to otherwise is going to get turned away from the gate all day every day. 

But there’s a loophole…a way to get your gatekeeper to get up and find a solution, rather than just pass judgment. Ask it “how”? The gatekeeper is going to come to a halt and, more than likely going to have to consult a higher authority, your subconscious mind who will, inevitably, produce an answer. 

When reviewing positive thoughts like, “I’m so successful”, if you want to be more successful, ask yourself, (rhetorically), “How did I get so successful?” You don’t have to answer the question…that’s not the goal. 

For negative thoughts like, I’m so fat” (my favorite example), why not ask, “How do I get fit?” Again, your goal is not to answer the question but to allow an answer to come to you. Your job is to listen for the feedback from within.

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking, “Sure, no big deal…just monitor my thoughts 24/7 and ask myself rhetorical questions because I have all the time in the world to do that!”

I get it. On the face it looks, “easy” but if we’re being honest, it’s not. Not even a little bit. Before I knew about coaching, I had a hard time with this. To be honest, some days I still do. That’s why I have a coach, myself.

A coach is someone who reminds you what you’re trying to align to and keeps you on track in your thoughts, behavior, goals, and planning to get there. 

I’m here to help. If anything you read feels right to you but you’re not sure how to do it and know you need some help, let’s chat. There’s no obligation. I’m going to try to sell you into anything overpriced and fluffy. 

I just want to help you figure out your next step. My clients succeed. Most of them feel younger now than they have in decades but the journey starts within. With just a thought.   

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The Top Advantages to Becoming a Sports Coach for {PE Coaching Companies|Sports Coaching Companies|Sports Premium Funding Placements)

Sports coaching is a really individual experience, but all of us share in the advantages that training brings to our students and ourselves. If you’re thinking about becoming a physical education coach, this list might persuade you to take the leap. It will advise you how fortunate you are if you’re already a coach!

1) Sports coaching is very fulfilling You get to partner with people in whichever area is MOST essential to them right now. You can make a huge distinction to their life, and enjoy the results unfold. Learn what locations are most fulfilling for you, and deal with children who are pursuing them.

2) Sports coaching lets you work from where you live or anywhere else! Walk around your garden utilizing a cordless headset phone, coach from a quiet meeting room at work, or perhaps from the beach. Due to the growing popularity of phone coaching, you can now take a trip or live in any nation on the planet, and keep your sports coaching practice going.

3) Set your own work hours e.g. Mon to Wed, 10am– 1pm? You choose when you coach, and when you’ll have free time to produce other jobs. Prefer to coach in the evenings? Want 2 hours for lunch? It’s your choice.. Or find a local sports coaching company that works with kids in schools and make a difference for the leaders of tomorrow.

4) Sports coaching pays well Great coaches are exceeding 6 figure incomes. Expect you charged in your early stages just £250 each month and supplied 30 minute sessions. You could invest 2 days a week training 20 clients, and still make £60,000 that year. And, if you developed to 30 customers at £400 per month, we’re talking £144,000 for coaching 3 days a week.

5) Coaching uses you your own business with VERY low overhead Running your own service provides you a LOT of freedom and space for creativity. And there are not many organisations you can go into with the financial investment of nothing however your coach training, a phone and a computer system. You can likewise shift safely into the occupation by developing a client base BEFORE you cut back to 3 days a week at your regular job, and even quit.

6) Sports coaching produces continuous personal growth By asking a great deal of your clients, you’ll discover you naturally begin to ask a lot of yourself. You can not grow but assist and expand, and attain results as you ask them to grow and expand, and attain results. Imagine reaching a startling insight for yourself in a training session, and you’re earning money for it!

7) Your individual advancement is tax deductible! Any course you do related to personal development, consisting of any travel you require to do to take the training, is generally tax deducible (check with your accounting professional). Wish to learn Reiki? Yoga? Management skills? If you’re passing it on to your clients and making money for it, it’s a business expense.

8) Coaching allows you to network with other winning coaches Encourage on coaching while taking a trip the world? You’ll discover the coaching neighborhood supportive and surprisingly generous.

9) Coaching equates to creativity Training customers frequently is a remarkable structure for imagination in your life. The world ends up being a substantial scheme where your task is to assist brainstorm concepts and methods for your customers. It’s impossible for you to not come up with ideas and strategies for yourself and those around you!

10) Get in at the ground level of an innovative profession. As an occupation, sports training remains in its infancy. It is less than twenty years of ages in the UK. In 5 years you could be a leader in your occupation if you begin now. Sports Coaching is an extremely personal experience, but we all share in the benefits that coaching brings to our customers and ourselves. You could spend two days a week training 20 customers, and still make £60,000 that year. And, if you worked up to 30 clients at £400 per month, we’re talking £144,000 for coaching three days a week. Think of reaching a surprising insight for yourself in a coaching session, and you’re getting paid for it! Plus if you {work|ooperate|provide services| in England you can with children so that you have a solid foundation why not get a sports coaching job at a recognised pe coaching company such as the Sports Plus Scheme


Why Personal Development Is Not A Soft Option-Your Real Identity

Motivation, diligence, willingness to learn and an amiable attitude towards others are all necessary in achieving personal development. Are you happy? Is your life filled with tranquility and joy? Do you savour each moment and bask in the glory of life? Or, are you frustrated, stressed and unhappy? Happiness is a state of mind and being that I can show you how to acquire! Self improvement and personal development are tools that were developed to help you live a happier life. The symptom of this type of thinking is stress, frustration, pain and disillusionment

There is an easier way, mediating, and finding your real identity. The links in this article should take you to a special page that will make it easier and softer than most people think.
With this as a guideline, it isn’t important if we truly have a positive personality or if we have a pleasing personality, it is more important to “act” like we have them. Why was this? Were the plans I was following just not good enough to create wealth? Were the people peddling these rags to riches methods merely conning me out of my money? Was gaining wealth just pure luck like winning the lottery? The answer to all of the above questions is no! The plans I followed had worked for thousands and made them rich! The people selling me the products and methods had all made their fortunes using the very same techniques they were trying to teach me! It was only after a great deal of hradship and many learning lessons that I discovered the truth – gaining wealth has nothing to do with being lucky! It wasn’t that these things were not good enough to produce the wealth I craved it was that I THOUGHT I wasn’t good enough. The focus of development changed from inner development to focus on the outer traits of a person or personality traits, such as a “pleasing personality”, or “having a positive personality”

All of that goes away when you find your real true identity. Click on the link in this article to find 5 mediations that help you find and become your real identity.

Personal success is dependent upon clear communication, effective self development and good self organisation. For others, professional success means having a good work life balance. The 7 Spiritual Laws are sequential and you will find that they build on the message and work of Mildred Mann. In my experience, not everyone can immediately grasp the true power of these behavioral habits, but when they are applied to your life and they become a part of the way you operate, you can produce truly outstanding results – you can achieve whatever you set out to do

Estimate start-up costs, arrange for the finances and draft a business plan with clearly defined goals. Then of course the scientist and experts on the brain suggests we are only using 0. We are all guilty of doing this! Once you begin to eliminate your hidden negatives you will find that your thinking becomes much more positive without any conscious effort. If losing weight is your goal, think about how you may have gained weight in the past, and how to adjust your lifestyle to reflect your new goals

Eliminate your hidden negative by finding your true identity.

It might be hard at first to face the reality of our weaknesses, but this ability to be self-reflective makes our lives easier in the long run. First, personal development training incorporates assessments that allow management to discover their weaknesses and strengths, and learn how to strengthen weak areas. This is main reason that companies and corporations are paying big bucks to put their management through personal development training. In the process, it is equally important that you take note of your shortcomings

You will see Coaches with NLP Coaching Certification as well -such coaches are well prepared to support you in your development. Personal development courses will go a long way to helping you achieve all of your objectives. NLP Trainer Such coaches have generally the highest level of capability of skills available and can work fluidly and flexibly to coach you to the outcomes you are looking for

The mediation process in Your Real Identity is NLP based.

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High Ticket Freedom Show Ep13 – Interview With Health Marketing Expert Rochelle Odubela

What if you could transform your health and wellness tests and also tribulations into triumph?

Well, the unique Rochelle Odubela can share with you just exactly how to do that.

Rochelle is an one-of-a-kind individual with a story that is definitely one of a kind.

After recognizing Rochelle for several years, and seeing her persevere via so many difficulties and also still appear winning is a motivation.

In today’s episode, we share a really powerful and also motivating tale concerning just how one female changed her whole life, her health and wellness, and her company.

Delight in today’s interview with specialist Rochelle Odubela!

To find out more regarding how we can help you, after that visit highticketfreedom.com

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Free Coaching Friday!

Free Coaching Friday! Wondering what you can do to grow your business that will propel you from where you are right now to where you want to be? That’s what we’ll be covering today

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