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Realistic vent free fireplaces

Realistic vent free gas logs available on the market for a reasonable price.

They will easily fit your fireplace as inserts.

The classic look and feel of a cosy fireplace make your home feel warm and comfortable in the cold winter season.

With the changing methods of construction, fireplaces have become obsolete.

Ventless fireplace logs are a great replacement for conventional fireplaces.

They work similar to a real fireplace but without the hassle of burning actual wood logs.

Logs that are the best on the market.

  1. Pleasant Hearth Electric Crackling Natural Wood Log 20 inch
  2. Peterson Real Fyre Live Oak Log Set With Vented Burner 18 inch
  3. Stanbroil Large 10 Piece Set of Decoration Ceramic Wood Logs
  4. Duluth Forge Ventless Propane Gas Log Set in Split Red Oak

realistic vent free fireplaces for sale

Concrete WOOD Resurfacing 👷 Step by Step 👷 WATCH as we CREATE Decorative CONCRETE Wood

well this week this week we’re down um a couple horseshoe band in look at the ozarks um got this walkway leads over here to the garage you know it’s uh into the front stoop there i got to take this overlay off it’s broke up pretty good um it’s pretty damaged it almost looks like they put it over a slab of rock or something and it could be a couple of coatings i guess uh of concrete but it’s in pretty bad shape it’s got a lot of uh cracks a lot of damage to the to the slab but uh i just kind of took my hammer and chipped that off and it’s it’s hollow up underneath there in that spot i’m not sure how it looks up in here there’s uh you know a few cracks and some water where they water their plants so if that water’s gotten up underneath it there there’s probably good chance that a lot of this underneath here is kind of hollow so i’m gonna go ahead and start grinding this off and see what we’ve got up underneath it here okay we’re going to pick up where we left off on this job they’ve got this slab right here report and it’s ready for an overlay right now so i’m grinding the rest of it off over here as you can see that’s where i stopped i cut that line across there and reported their concrete and i’ve got to come in here and grind the rest of this concrete overlay off that was on here and i’ve already started that’s what the white is i’m taking that down to the original concrete i’ve got to bring it down there’s about a half inch lip that i’ve got to go ahead and and get you know get down flush maybe a half inch or so and we’ll probably slope it back about a foot and a half so it’s got a nice slope to it yeah other than that this is what we’ve got to start with today we’re gonna hopefully get everything ground down today and come in and do our first base coat tomorrow the finished look is gonna be a wood plank [Music] oh luke i am your father okay it’s day two on this concrete wood project down horseshoe bend and lake of the ozarks this is rick uh we just got the base coat on finished the grinding put the base coat on it looks kind of spotty right now because it’s drying up uh it’s getting kind of warm out here and you know wind’s blowing pretty good but this is a base coat it’s actually going to be darker than this but i didn’t want to go in with a white base coat so i added some color to it but you can see how much it is uh drying right there and that’s where i started it gets a little bit more solid here i’m probably going to wind up going with a second coat and it’ll be darker and you can see where it’s more and more solid as far as a darker color goes because here’s where i stopped but i’ll actually do a shade or maybe three shades darker than that i want it to be pretty dark um because when we put our wood pattern down and pull our tape this is the grout coat that you’re gonna see that’s that’s the color but you know it’s going to be almost black uh real dark you know charcoal so um it always lightens up several shades when it is drying but it always goes back to a darker color so here’s where we’re at right now on stage um got several steps to go but we should be done with this next wednesday or thursday and right now i believe this is may 2nd wednesday so anyways that’s what we got for now [Music] all right we got our second base coat on a little bit darker this time so this is the color that you’re going to see probably actually even darker than this once we put stain on it seal it you know of course that after the wood texture goes on it but this is uh a little bit truer to the color so it just went down still a little wet it will dry light but it’ll go back to this color when it’s done but it’s uh it’s a lot more solid now um starting to dry up here and there so there might be i don’t know if it’s shadows or it’s just drying up in certain areas but there you go second base coat is down okay we now have the fiber tape over our two base coats all the wood planks have been measured out everything’s hand taped four six and eight in the width the length is just kind of random i really don’t want a pattern [Music] i’ll be in monday spray over the top of this with the grout coat color that way we lock that tape down and get it sealed off because tuesday we’re going to be doing the texture wednesday we’re going to be staining and thursday we’re going to lock this thing down seal it up and get home okay we’ve got our tack coat on you can still see the tape ghosting through the tack coat of concrete because it’s just a thin layer [Music] we’ll come back in tomorrow morning with the texture coat [Music] so it almost doesn’t look like the uh almost doesn’t look like there’s anything over because you can still see that tape quite a bit but tomorrow you will not see this tape i’ll bury it tomorrow and then i’ll pull it up probably tomorrow afternoon and then we’ll stain it wednesday okay we have the wood texture coat on here uh we just do this coat in a white because uh tomorrow we’ll come in and pull the tape the pattern tape that’s underneath of it and um you know then you’ll be able to see the texture a lot better and of course the pattern once the tape’s pulled but we do it white because we’re going to color it with a couple of different colors tomorrow so that way we’ve just got a clean slate to begin with [Music] it just works better if it’s done on a white base and i don’t know if you can see this very well or not a lot of shadowing here but it’s really hard to tell what the texture looks like let me get a little closer [Music] it’s kind of so bright out here that it’s kind of bleeping everything out let’s try here [Music] all right so that’s what we have for now okay it’s cleaned up and ready for some color all the tape’s been pulled it’s been cleaned up joint lines open back up it’s been edged up against the driveway everything’s nice and clean there all the nail holes have been drilled so every plank has two nail holes on each side of it four per line that’s where the planks meet and they are staggered um uneven on purpose we want this to look as authentic as possible perfect imperfection if that makes sense so i’m getting ready to come in and just hit those nail holes with some darker color to make them completely black and then we’ll start the coloring which is going to be brown and amber [Music] okay this is before the sealer goes on but the color is all done cleaned up it’s ready to go actually started sealing it up top but i stopped to take this video real quick this is how the color turned out again this is before the sealer i’ll do a final after the sealer’s on [Music] [Music] oh [Music] let me know does that look like wood about as close as i pretty much can get it there’s different looks different colors a little bit different patterns that you could do with it but overall i think mission accomplished [Music] okay this job in four seasons is complete [Music] i think wood is done [Music] got some nice texturing real nice coloring just goes uh perfect with the setting they’ve got here now they have the house decorated [Music] you know the big wood beam pillars and the front door all rock it’s just a real rustic look so let’s just kind of finished it off [Music] this is going to run all the way over here to the front stoop [Music] i mean sorry i didn’t want to do anything with that drain other than just do a picture frame around it i didn’t want to drop any lines in it because it’s such a small area can’t keep our wood look for the most part on the side wall from the twin stoop area that will look really weird i think with a bunch of lines running through it especially with that grate we just got some really nice texturing and coloring here see if i can get a little closer so you guys can see it we have to keep the joint lines open so that’s what that is you can’t fill those in because the concrete wants to expand in the winter months well winter and summer so that concrete has to move so we gotta leave those expansion joints open yeah sun kind of gives you a little bit different perspective it does bring out the color but it also kind of makes it look a little bit different than what it really is too that’s why it looks so different over here more it’s covered up in the shade versus out there right in that bright song so the rest of it does look like this it’s just the sun just kind of blends it together more [Music] let’s look at this texture since we’re in the shade here and the coloring [Music] also drilled in every plank [Music] there’s [Music] okay that’s about it for this one you guys are watching this on youtube please subscribe to my channel and uh like the video if you like it leave me a comment let me know what you think and hit that little bell so you stay subscribed to my videos uh links are below to my facebook page and my website where you can get more information all right see you guys on the next one [Music] you

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Facebook Jobs Opportunities

Have you ever wondered about Facebook Jobs?

Well In this short guide, you are going to learn exactly how you can start earning money in as little as 24 hours, doing the things that you already do on Facebook!

Did you know that social media has become one of the biggest drivers of sales and new customers for businesses? Companies that used to spend millions of dollars on radio advertising, TV commercials and billboard signs are now shifting huge chunks of their marketing budgets to social media sites like Facebook. So why are they doing this? The simple answer is…..

Social Proof
What do you think is more valuable to a business? Someone seeing an advertisement from a business that says: ‘Buy our new smartphone, it has great features and is reasonably priced!’ Or that same person seeing a Facebook status update from their friend saying: LOVE my new XYZ smartphone, the camera on it is amazing Of course, it’s the latter. And that’s why social media is so powerful for business.

What you may not realise though, is that you have unwittingly become an unpaid marketing agent for these companies! Every time you mention a business on Facebook, recommend a product or service, or ‘like’ a businesses page, you are making that business money.
And what do you get in return? Nothing. Does it seem fair to you that these businesses should be making all this money of the back of your time and efforts, while you

Facebook Jobs Posting

Imagine if you could get paid for the actions you take on Facebook

How great would it be if you could get paid every time you ‘liked’ a page, shared an article or left a comment.
Instead of wasting all those hours, you spend on Facebook, you could turn them into a way to make some extra cash. That would be pretty awesome, right? Well, now you can! And the key to all of this is affiliate marketing.

Why not Get paid for what you already do?

For example, a business that sells a weight loss program online for $100, may have an affiliate program that pays 50% commission for each sale you help them generate. You could join this affiliate program and then get paid for telling people about the businesses website. As the affiliate program pays 50% commission and the product sells for $100, you would get paid $50 for each customer that you send to that businesses website. It’s that easy. If you were an affiliate for this weight loss course, all you would need to do is find people who are interested in weight loss, get them to click on your affiliate link (which will take them to the businesses website) and then you get paid $50 for every person that buys the product. Facebook is the perfect place to make money doing this as an affiliate because through their Facebook accounts people tell you exactly what they are interested in (and therefore what they may be interested in buying!).

Facebook News

It’s that easy if your willing to put some effort in you can take advantage of Facebook Jobs opportunity.
The good Facebook News If you were an affiliate for this weight loss course, all you would need to do is find people who are interested in weight loss, get them to click on your affiliate link (which will take them to the businesses website) and then you get paid $50 for every person that buys the product. Facebook is the perfect place to make money doing this as an affiliate because through their Facebook accounts people tell you exactly what they are interested in (and therefore what they may be interested in buying!).

Finally, You can then use this information to recommend products they may be interested in promoting stuff that, and when they buy them, you get paid!

There is a limited time to take advantage of this facebook jobs opportunity, if you would like to find out more please enter your email address below.

How to Make Animated Logos with Apps like Viddyoze The World’s Fastest Video Animation Platform

Invite to my Viddyoze 3.0 testimonial as well as demo. I assume you’ll agree with me when I state:

Obtaining workshop quality animated introductories, outros, overlays, and stingers for use in your very own videos is tough, time-consuming as well as can be incredibly costly.

Not any longer, it isn’t!

What is Viddyoze 3.0?

Viddyoze 3.0 is the current as well as renewed version of this enormous prominent video clip creation device.

Viddyoze 1.0 was launched in September 2015, adhered to by version 2.0 in June 2016. Viddyoze is the top-selling item on JVZoo for 3 years in a row and also offered over 80,000 duplicates.

Viddyoze Live Activity (with live activity animations) concerned the marketplace in June 2017 and also was nearly as effective by itself.

Currently the suppliers have created a new 3.0 platform with improved attributes, added 10 “Extensive Videos”, and combined Viddyoze with Video clip Live Action right into one solitary cloud-based subscription. But before the suppliers will move from JVZoo and also utilize their very own associate system, they’ll have one final “Blow-out” sale.

This is particularly fascinating for new clients, that currently can get accessibility to 170 Design templates (+ 25 bonus offer Templates) with unrestricted makings.

These Templates are composed out of 10 new Extensive video layouts as well as a mix (as well as deduct) of layouts priory part of Viddyoze 1.0., Viddyoze 2.0, Viddyoze Live Activity, and also several of the layouts from the Design template Club.

What if you currently purchased Viddyoze 1.0, Viddyoze 2.0, or Viddyoze Live Activity?

Well, you’ll obtain accessibility to the new 3.0 system completely free, regardless of if you’ll buy Viddyoze 3.0 or not. But it’s still a great suggestion to acquire Viddyoze 3.0 as you’ll get access to added design templates.

What are the major enhancements in 3.0?

[+] Improved Animation Engine.

[+] Revamped UI Design. Currently you can filter videos by type, tags, size, and even more to discover the best layout a lot much easier as well as much faster.

[+] Live Previews Added. Preview what your customized video clip will resemble before providing.

But the most crucial factor to get Viddyoze 3.0 now, is that after this brief launch, new purchasers will have spend for each making!

I have listened to that making will certainly cost you $10.00. So, do the mathematics, if you have 170 design templates and you intend to produce simply one video out of them each, it will certainly cost you $1,700.00 …

So, don’t wait, and also secure your life time price of simply $57.00 (Individual Usage), or $67.00 (Commercial Use).

So what can you make with Viddyoze 3.0?

Viddyoze enables you to produce all type of professional powerful animations to contribute to your video clips or to produce complete (online) computer animated video clips with just a couple of click, like …

Intro Videos with message or Logo Hurts.

Outro Videos with CTA or Logo Stings.

Mockup Videos.

Transition Impacts.

Lower Thirds & Overlay Videos with ALPHA transparency innovation: transparent lower thirds as well as on screen video call outs that can be placed on top of videos.

Video clips with “Instagram look-alike” Movie Filters.

Computer Animated Title Videos.

Social (Drifting) Clickable computer animations best inside your videos.

Watermark your video clips with your name or logo design.

Live Action videos: actual moving motion picture scene” videos with your computer animated 3D video footage (logo, message, and also photo) entering into the activity!

[New] “Viddyoze Extended”– 10 computer animation service coupon design video clips that are much longer in size.

All animations are customizable and can be produced by anyone that can click a computer mouse, and all design templates have custom-created audio tracks to choose them.

Exactly how does Viddyoze jobs?

Just pick among the Templates. Select out of 150 expert and also premium quality layouts to be made use of as well as customized! Varying from all kinds of different niches as well as scenes.

Add your own logo design, add message, images, and also choose your shades for the computer animation.

Struck “Render”.

And also you’ll have your computer animated video within minutes … No technology abilities needed.

Why should you purchase Viddyoze 3.0?

Due to the fact that with Viddyoze you can quickly produce powerful animations, include (Social) CTAs, flick filters and change results inside your videos and/or develop impressive intro/outro, mockup, overlay, or live action videos. Nothing else video clip production software application includes all these 3D computer animation includes into one solitary application. This software program is plug-and-play simple– turning you from video amateur right into video clip animation designer in an issue of minutes.

Now you can excite your clients with great effects and produce high transforming video demos, advertisements, intros/outros, logo stingers, reduced thirds as well as even more.

As well as yes, certainly, you can offer these videos for large bucks to your neighborhood clients or any individual thinking about premium quality computer animated videos (if you buy the front-end Business License).

Before it would certainly cost you lot of money to (allow) create these sort of animation videos. Now you can develop them also. Particularly if you take into consideration the … Did you understand that over 400 hrs of video clips are published to YouTube every one minute? That’s an incredible amount of material. Video clip advertising will reportedly make up roughly 80% of on the internet website traffic rather quickly.

Have you ever before wanted to develop your very own specialist full 1080p HD high quality video introductions like the pros do on tv and YouTube? I purchased Viddyoze 2 computer animation maker with the sole objective of trying it out for the evaluation here. However, Viddyoze 2 is so outstanding at what it does that I’ve in fact fallen for it as well as currently use it each day without fail. I’m not getting a refund.

Viddyoze is exceptionally powerful, amazingly quick and super-simple to utilize. A 5-year old could make a stunning introduction video with this device in simple mins. I’m certainly not mosting likely to be requesting for a refund on this. Continue reading to discover why I enjoy this effective new piece of set.

Viddyoze Review

Item Name: Viddyoze

Item Type: Cloud Based Computer Animation Software Application

Proprietors: Jamie Garside/Joey Xoto/David Chamberlain

Pricing: Inspect Existing Prices

In this Viddyoze 3.0 testimonial I will certainly discuss the complying with advantages I recognize you’re itching to understand about this cloud-based animation designer as well as I’m also including some trials of Viddyoze and also how to use it.

What Viddyoze is

Who Demands Viddyoze

Who Created Viddyoze

Which Templates are Consisted of

Trial of Viddyoze at work

The Prices of Viddyoze

What are the Upsells?

The Benefits and drawbacks

The Given Training and Assistance

My Final thought of Viddyoze

What is Viddyoze?

Viddyoze 3.0 is a cloud-based animation application which enables you to make sensational studio-quality introductories, outros, stingers, overlays and more with three clicks of your mouse. With several of the 92 design templates included in the core plan, you can submit your own images such as your logos to stimulate them.

The software application is very fast as well as you can have a specialist looking video introduction carried out in less than 10 minutes from logging in, submitting your graphic, providing and afterwards downloading and install to your computer.

That Demands Viddyoze?

People with internet sites, YouTube or Vimeo networks. People that wish to develop video clips for other people at locations such as Upwork as well as Fiverr. Possibly teachers or companies seeking to brand themselves. And me! You might simply wish to utilize it to make amazing introductories and outros for your residence videos. Video clip marketers, associate marketing professionals, blog writers, the list goes on and on …

That Produced Viddyoze?

A trio of popular business owners in the field of 3D animation produced the Viddyoze 3D computer animation maker. Jamie Garside, Joey Xoto, David Chamberlain as well as their team have additionally developed other preferred software program. I think Viddyoze 2 could be the best point they’ve made to date.

What Themes are Included as Standard with Viddyoze?

25 Logo Templates

2 Title Design templates

12 Introductory Templates

13 Outro Templates

16 Alpha Themes

2 Overlay Templates

3 Shift Design templates

19 Social Templates

Viddyoze Demonstration Video Clip

Watch me in this Viddyoze demo as I develop an animated intro video clip in simple minutes and it’s all real-time on the fly without any preparation or prep work.

Let’s see just how promptly I can make an incredible high-definition introduction. It turns out it took simply 5 mins as well as 11 secs from beginning to end.

If I hadn’t been taping and also narrating the video at the time I recognize it would only have been 4 minutes level.

How Much Does Viddyoze Expense?

Viddyoze comes in at 2 major prices points. If you want to utilize Viddyoze to make things for just your own individual usage, after that the cost is a one-off $77.

The industrial variation of Viddyoze will certainly cost a very reasonable $97. I went with the $97 version of Viddyoze as well as now I have a Fiverr gig. This implies that I can make back the cash swiftly that I originally invested. Well worth the added $20.

Upsells and also OTOs

There is just one upsell, the possibility to become a participant of the Viddyoze Design Template Club ($ 37.00 p/m). Currently you get access to additional templates/designs on a monthly basis. Especially interesting for those of you that want to offer their animations to (regional) customers and can generate brand-new styles over and over once more.

Yes. The template club (if you want it or need it) is an extra $37 a month and also consists of a few hundred more templates for your to play with.

There are various other upsells, additionally, however neither the design template club nor the other upsells are needed for you to start creating animations that will impress your coworkers and also close friends.

What are the Advantages and disadvantages of Viddyoze?

There’s a whole lot to love about Viddyoze variation 2 and also really little to dislike. First, I’ll inform you what I like and then I will try to consider something I do not such as. That’s going to be tough to do.

It’s Super Simple and also Flexible

I love the simpleness as well as I like the adaptability. The reality that you have many variations available with the 92 default layouts you’re given access to gives you that flexibility you require.

If you combine different photos and message and shades you could come up with hundreds of various animations with the 92 templates that are included.

The Rate is Blisteringly Quick

Since the software runs online you obtain the benefit of having your animations developed on the very best of the most effective modern technology for graphics. This indicates you’re going to end up with a video clip that prepares in minutes, not hrs.

To exhibit what I’m discussing when it comes to the blistering rate, I really produced 10 animations in just under half an hour as well as downloaded them all to my hard drive on my computer system. That’s as rapid as anybody needs.

You Don’t Need to Download any kind of Software program

As Viddyoze is cloud based it implies you do not need to download costly applications that are hard to mount and also utilize.

After that there’s the advantage of freeing up your computer system for other tasks that you can be doing in the minutes you’re waiting for a video clip to make. As well as the very best feature of it being online is you can utilize any type of device to visit and also produce video clips.

Full Workshop Top Quality 1080p HD Result

All the videos produced with Viddyoze 2 are supplied in full 1080p hd. This makes me question if the future holds a variation of Viddyoze that is 4K Ultra HD. That would behave, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

What I Don’t Like Concerning Viddyoze

As I discussed just above, this set is truly tough to find up with due to the fact that I was surprised right from my very first computer animation.

I suppose if I needed to think up some type of downside to Viddyoze it would need to be that some of the layouts do not enable you to change history shades.

I’m unsure why they decided to make some themes much less customizable than the remainder. Viddyoze has some themes where the color is fixed as is. No big deal, I assume.

Viddyoze Training Overview

As you can see in my fast trial video clip above there really isn’t any type of need for much training as it’s extremely straightforward to utilize. You’ll be making video clips within 5 mins of visiting for the first time.

Having stated that, inside the dashboard of Viddyoze you will discover 2 tutorials demonstrating how to do various kinds of animated videos.I didn’t require to watch them. I do not think you will need to watch them either.

I didn’t require to view them. I do not assume you will require to view them either.

create videos

10 things every GIRLS expect from you !

A girl, one of the most beautiful miracles in life, one of the greatest joys we can ever know, and one of the reasons why there is a little extra sunshine, laughter and happiness in your world today.
Courtesy: Unknown Author

Wondering what girls really expect from you? Well, these are a few things they want from you.

Girls love appreciation.
Girls are more emotional than boys.
Girls want you to believe in her.
She need little surprises.
Girls love someone who likes her imperfections and embraces his own.
She needs care.
Girls are more attracted to boys who make them laugh.
Girls want you to stand up for her.
She wants you to pick her up when she fall.
She want you to text her.

Get rid of the excuses: They are the biggest hurdle in the path that lead to success

Excuses are the biggest hurdle in the path that leads to success. Excuses are addictive, unhealthy, inferior and unfavourable. An excuse has a strong power that makes a person go mentally and physically weak. Once we start making excuses, we start losing our focus and our aim, as excuse-making slowly stops us from progressing and improving. It makes us idle, lethargic, unenterprising and unfocused in life. Watch this video to understand how excuses are affecting us and how can we get rid of these.

When you feel like quitting, remember all of those who said you would fail.
When you feel like giving up, remember why you started.
When you feel like quitting, remember what you are doing it all for….
When you feel like quitting, remember pain is temporary.
And Greatness lasts forever.
When you feel like quitting, remember that the pain you feel today will be replaced with the strength you need tomorrow.
Remember that every ounce of pain you feel is building a stronger you.
A stronger body.
A stronger mind.
And a stronger character.
So push through the pain.
That painful last rep, that’s NOTHING.

When I feel like quitting, I remember: there are too many people I need to prove wrong.
When I feel like quitting, I remember: I have too much to fight for. I’LL NOT QUIT.

If you want average results, keep showing up and giving average effort.
If you want to be at your BEST, you will have to give your best effort.
Make an oath to yourself, that you will not walk out of any training session, any game, any-thing, without giving 110% of your soul.
Whatever you think is your limit, PUSH PAST IT.
Whatever you think is your max, see if you can get 10% more out.

If you’re interested to find out more about How to get rid of your excuses, check out this video:

Never give up

Here are signs when a guy likes you.

Watch for signs the guy likes you more than a friend.