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What step and repeat sizes are available?

While step and repeat backdrops can be made in any size, the most popular sizing options are: 8×8, 8×10, 8×12, 8×15, 8×20,
8×24, 8×30, 8×32, 8×112.

If you just need to
have a small number of people pausing in front of your backdrop, sizes
between8x8 and 8×15 should do. However, if you’re going to have several people
walking the red carpet, pausing and answering questions at the same time, 8×20
and up will be more suitable and it will all depend on how big your event is.

Whether it’s to buy
or for rental, choosing the right step and repeat stand is also essential and you
have several options:

If you just want
something practical that will just hold your banner, you can select a metal
pipe and base frame. Not only this will do the job just fine but it will be
discreetly placed behind the wall.

If you are planning
to use your backdrop several times and at various locations, go for a
telescopic stand such as an aluminum expandable frame.

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How To Find A Good Step and Repeat Backdrop Company

Los Angeles – and most particularly Hollywood – being the
entertainment capital of the world, there is obviously important supply and
demand when it comes to step and repeat backdrops.

There are quite a few event production companies offering
step and repeat printing and installation services in the Los Angeles area,
some specializing in big Hollywood premieres while others focus on corporate

Because a backdrop will be such an important element of your
event, you should shop around to figure out which company fits best your needs.
Of course, you should look into pricing, which varies widely from one event
production company to another, but also into the kind of material they use for
printing and the add-on services they provide (professional installation,
lighting and even photographers).  

Last but not least, look at their client list and read
testimonials so you can see if they have experience in your type of event.

Here are a couple local companies offering step and repeat
services – and there are more out there, just do your homework:

Red Carpet Systems

Based near downtown Los Angeles, they are affordable and
very easy to work with.

2010 West 62nd st, Unit 130, Los Angeles, CA 90047phone:
(323) 378-6975


Step and Repeat LX

10538 Johanna Ave, Shadow Hills, CA 91040

phone: (818) 434-7291


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